Specifier Insights Report

How to reach and influence today’s Architects and Specifiers

Specifier Insights Report

Architects and specifiers now prefer to do their product research online.

Yet, most building product marketing still focuses on very traditional, offline channels and tactics.

And many of the online solutions companies do invest in don’t actually address the needs of specifiers and yield positive results.

Switching to an online, digital approach to your marketing may seem like a big challenge, but it offers an even bigger opportunity because so few are taking advantage.

Our research report aims to provide you with the evidence and insights to help you to understand modern Architects and specifiers, and adapt your sales and marketing approaches to match their needs and expectations.

Included in the Report

Our aim is to help the sales, marketing and management teams at building product companies to understand the modern specifiers' product research and selection process.

With over 3 million products searched, researched, compared and priced through SpecifiedBy in 2018, and access to tens of thousands of industry professionals, we're able to provide unique insights into the needs of this market.

As part of the research report, we surveyed over 2,000 architects and specifiers, providing insights into where and when specifiers do their research, and how and why they select yours, or your competitors building products and materials.

The report is filled with valuable, actionable insights into exactly what architects and specifiers want from building product manufacturers and what helps influence their decisions.

The broad topics covered include:

  • When Do Specifiers Typically Start Looking for Products?
  • Where Do They Go Looking for Products?
  • Where Are the Frustrations in This Process for Specifiers?
  • What Information Do Specifiers Need For Their Research & Decision Making?
  • Which Factors Aren’t Influencing Decisions As Much As You Might Think?
  • How and When to Communicate with Specifiers
  • A Closer Look at Some Key Marketing Channels
  • Understanding the Specification Writing Process

What Do People Say About the Specifier Insights Report?

"Even if you're not someone who's digitally savvy buy this report to be persuaded of the massive value of your digital footprint.

And if you are someone who is digitally savvy, buy this report to get some solid data that will help you make your case to the powers that be."

- Kenneth MacGregor, A Proctor Group

"This report is invaluable. It has helped support my desire to focus more of our efforts with attracting specifier audiences through certain materials we had a notion might work. Very much value for money."

- Joshua Bennett, Thomas Dudley Ltd.

"The Specifier Insights Report the SpecifiedBy team produced on the current marketplace was one of the reasons we are redoing our website currently."

- Tim Hayes, Quantum Profile Systems

"Very informative, and greatly helped with insights into current and future trends"

- Nigel Stokes, Commercial Manager, Lindab

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