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Facing Bricks

Not having the right brick for your building project can lead to a whole host of problems later on down the line.

If you are unsure on which one is right for you then we can help.
To show you the best way to build we have put together our guide to one of the types of bricks available; Facing Bricks and when they may be right for you.

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Facing Bricks: Made to Be Seen

The name Facing Bricks is a big clue to the main use of these bricks. They are designed to be used on exterior parts of a building which will be seen.

In the most part they are created with aesthetics in mind; making sure that they are appealing as well as have something a little bit different about them too.

They are produce by a variety of different manufacturers and are a popular purchase, meaning that they are one of the most common types of bricks that you will see in building and home suppliers.

Another plus point of Facing Bricks is that there are manufacturers who will create them to look exactly how you want. This means that you can change the colour, size, shape or even the style to suit your building requirements.

Facing Brick Drawbacks

In comparison to Engineering Bricks, which are designed to be strong and durable, facing bricks don’t boast the same toughness.

This does mean that if you are looking for a brick for structural brickwork, you may not want to use facing bricks.

That said, in some cases, they can be useful for structural work.

Facing Brick Style

The design of Facing Bricks means that they are neat and even when used within building work.

They are also often made from textured and interesting materials, giving a great first impression.

For many people, red bricks are the classic choice, but many others like the idea of something a little different; therefore they opt for cream, yellow or one of the many other colours that these bricks are available in.

Due to the nature of the Facing Brick you can also request that they are decorated with motifs and designs to make them all the more attractive.

If you want a really luxurious brick then there are still some manufacturers around who make their bricks by hand.

However, these bricks also come with a rather large price tag so there is a chance they won’t be ideal for everyone.

For those who want a brick that is great to look at as well as packed with character, there are a whole variety of Facing Bricks out there to choose from.

The only difficulty is knowing which one to pick.

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