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Engineering Bricks

Engineering bricks – not pretty but tough and hard wearing, meaning they are often used for projects where appearance is not paramount, within tunnels or groundworks for example.
Bricks; whilst for some it may not seem the most interesting of topics, they are something that we simply cannot live without.

After all, they are the building blocks for many of our homes, offices and quite often our favourite places to visit.

One thing that you may not realise about bricks is that there are a variety of different types of bricks; all with different jobs and ideally designed to work for different property types or building projects.

This particular article is focused on Engineering Bricks.

What are Engineering Bricks?

If you are looking for a strong and durable brick then an Engineering brick is the one for you.

They come in two separate classes, A and B, with each class being useful for different construction needs.

  • Class A bricks also have a low level of water absorption and can withstand frost damage too.
  • Class B bricks are the most common and can withstand large amounts of compression when used in building work.

When Should I Use Engineering Bricks?

If you want a brick that looks pretty for the outside of your building, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Engineering bricks are not recommended for facing work as there is a good chance of imperfections both in the form of chips in the surface and uneven patches of colour.

The most common use for Engineering Bricks is for construction projects that require a strong, durable brick that can withstand a variety of damp and cold weather.

They are also great to use in construction that will be highly compressed as they are incredibly strong.

A Class A brick is a good solution in severely exposed areas of brickwork that are subject to extensive weathering due to its exceeding low water absorption.

For protruding brickwork, for example, where water can collect on the bed of the brick, a class A brick is best used.

Engineering Brick Considerations

If you are planning on using engineering bricks in your construction project then there are a variety of different choices to consider:

Smooth, perforated, blue and red are just some of the options that you can select from.

Some companies may also specialise in making slightly different shapes & sizes, making sure that they will work perfectly in your building.

So, when you need a tough, strong and weather proof brick for your building work, Engineering Bricks are going to be the one for you.

This brick may not be pretty, but one thing is for sure, it will be able to withstand whatever is thrown at it and still stand strong.

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