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Carpets: What a difference colour can make

Carpet - Array

It is an increasingly widely recognised fact that the environment you work in every day has an influence on how productive you are.

Research* has shown that colour in the workplace can encourage creativity, productivity and give a boost to morale.  Some colours have been found to actually raise productivity levels and to minimise fatigue and improve team working.

Colour Research

Yellow has been proven to be the most noticeable colour, but can lead to eye strain and discomfort when used as a predominant colour in a workplace environment.

On the other hand, blues and greens have been found to give a sense of tranquillity, spaciousness and focus, helping to promote clear and creative thinking.

So-called ‘high energy’ colours, such as red and orange, have been proven to keep the mind alert and stimulated.  Red has been found to encourage feelings of strength and energy and is often associated with vitality and ambition.  It therefore works particularly well in highly charged environments, such as telesales organisations or fast food outlets.

Monotone colours and tones that are too dark have shown that they can create a lack of stimulation or even a depressing feel to a workplace.



The use of accent colours in carpet is growing increasingly popular.

A current trend is for neutral shades of carpet to be interspersed with bold, vibrant bursts of colour.  This has been made possible as a result of advances in carpet manufacturing, which means that shapes and logos can now become an integral part of the design to add a personalised feel to the workspace.

Evidence suggests that colour in the workplace needs to be chosen carefully.    Experts say that varying colours throughout the workplace can work well, keeping people alert and creating an aesthetically pleasing, dynamic business environment.

So, if you are working on an office refurbishment or new build, the chances are you will be giving careful consideration to the choice of flooring.   Clients are recognising the value of investing in carpet shades that enhance the mood and increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

The value of good design and careful selection of colour should never be underestimated!

*Research carried out by the Institute of Employment Studies, also Maris Interiors.


Heckmondwike FB manufactures the Creative Flooring range, which includes the Array and Montage collections, which are popular for office, retail and commercial environments.  Six new colours have recently been added to Heckmondwike FB’s range, including Copper, Marble, Peacock, Violet, Emerald and Fuchsia.



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